Jennifer Reichelt

Jennifer Reichelt

Jennifer Reichelt is a local government consultant in Cincinnati, Ohio. As the former Deputy City Manager of Great Falls, Montana, she has a deep appreciation for quality entertainment – including television, movies, literature, and all things pop culture. When she’s not assisting the City Manager or serving as the city’s media spokesperson, Jennifer can be found binge watching her favorite serial drama on Netflix, enjoying the perfect sitcom, reading a new book or trying a new recipe.

After work, Ms. Reichelt likes to unwind by tuning into one of her favorite shows. Her roster is long and it’s hard to pick a favorite, but her current must watch list include: Mad Men, The Mindy Project, The Americans, Game of Thrones and Sherlock. She also has a weakness for anything supernatural or science fiction related and can easily get sucked in when a new series starts. When choosing the next series to watch, she is nothing if not picky. She looks at the quality of the writing team and prefers shows that have well-developed storylines and strong character development.

One of her absolute favorite series was Parks and Recreations, a comedy ensemble about a mid-level parks department bureaucrat starring Amy Poehler. Jennifer Reichelt deeply identified with Leslie Knope, and her tireless efforts to make her town just a little bit better. Jennifer watched all seven seasons, cried during the series finale and tries to catch a rerun whenever she has the time.

In addition to her love of television, Jennifer Reichelt is also an avid reader. She has loved reading ever since she was a child. She has fond memories of going to the public library and going home with stacks of books to read. Her favorite books series growing up were Anne of Green Gables, Wrinkle in Time, and Chronicles of Narnia.

Once she starts reading Jennifer has a tendency to not be able to put a book down, and has impressively read an entire book series within a single weekend. Although she does enjoy contemporary fiction, she also enjoys the classics. Jane Austen is one of her favorite authors and lists Pride and Prejudice as one of her favorite novels.

Jennifer recently read Orhan Pamuk’s the Museum of Innocence, while traveling in Turkey. She found Pamuk’s book to be beautiful and heartbreaking. His novel takes place in Istanbul, so Jennifer found it very exciting and exhilarating to be able to explore the same streets and neighborhoods he described in his book.

Her current reads include Yes Please by Amy Poehler, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling and Wild by Cheryl Strayed. All were enjoyable, but Wild left such a lasting impression that Ms. Reichelt attended a lecture hosted by the author and made a point to see the film. Jennifer recommends that if you haven’t read the book, “go get it… now!”

When she’s not reading or watching television, Jennifer Reichelt is teaching herself how to cook. Although she may not have any secret family recipes, she makes great use of the crockpot. Sundays or Monday nights are reserved for stewing up a large batch of tasty food to last an entire week. She has a number of crockpot recipes under her belt that will be sure to keep any hardworking, single woman fed. Jennifer enjoys researching healthy, quick, and easy recipes so that she can always have food prepared to accommodate her busy schedule. Additionally, her affinity for travel and world culture motivates her to expand her cooking skills to include a global cuisine. She’s hoping to have a “taste of the world” right in her kitchen… someday.

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